Beautician jobs in Croatia

Beautician jobs in Croatia

Description of Beautician jobs in Croatia

A beautician is a skilled professional in the beauty and cosmetics industry, specializing in various beauty treatments and services. Their responsibilities include providing personalized skincare, haircare, and nail services to clients. Beauticians offer expert advice on beauty regimens, recommend suitable products, and perform treatments such as facials, haircuts, styling, manicures, and pedicures.

They stay updated on beauty trends and techniques, ensuring they provide the latest and best services to clients. Additionally, beauticians maintain a clean and organized workspace, uphold high hygiene standards, and build rapport with clients to enhance their overall beauty experience.

Beautician jobs in Croatia
Beautician jobs in Croatia
Beautician jobs in Croatia
1Contract PeriodTwo Years + Renewable
2Food and AccommodationsProvided by the company
3Duty Time/ Hours8 hours a day/ 5 days a week.
4Over TimeAccording to company rules.
5Local TransportationSelf (Your own expenses).
6Other BenefitsAs per the Croatia labour laws.

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